Did You Get a Little Too Enthusiastic at Band Practice?

We offer bass and guitar repairs in El Paso, TX

If your guitar or bass needs repair, count on the musical experts at Hero Music to patch things up for you. We offer affordable instrument repairs at our shop in El Paso, TX. Bring your damaged guitar or bass in today to get it back on track.

5 things we can repair on your guitar

5 things we can repair on your guitar

Your guitar is a delicate instrument. Treat it well to make sure it lasts a lifetime. Here are five things we can do to extend the life of your guitar:

  1. Set up your guitar. A proper guitar setup will customize your instrument to you, so you can play even better.
  2. Replace or reset your frets. Worn frets can affect your guitar's sound.
  3. Re-attach your bridges. The El Paso, TX heat can cause the glue on your bridges to unstick.
  4. Repair your cracked guitar. Catch cracks early, so you don't have to replace your instrument.
  5. Finish or refinish your instrument. Play a guitar that feels brand-new.
Trust our expert staff to repair your instrument in no time. Give us a call at 915-594-4999 to learn how we can get you back in the practice room.